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Ever wonder what it might be like to be at the Bethlehem stable one starry night 2000 years ago and look into the eyes of the baby Jesus?

Moses, God's Blessed Donkey takes you there, to the manger beside Mary and Joseph, and then on to other milestones in Jesus' life. Through the eyes of Moses, a floppy-ear donkey, and his master, Bullion, experience the wonders of being there when Jesus befriends Zacchaeus the hated tax collector, on Golgotha when Jesus dies on the cross, and in the Garden of Gethsemane when Jesus ascends into Heaven.

What would you think about Jesus if you were there in Jerusalem 2000 years ago? Ask yourself, "Would Jesus' teachings and miracles have convinced me that Jesus was indeed the promised Messiah? Or would I be a skeptic of Jesus as most others of that time?"  You will find the answers to those questions in this captivating book.

Moses, God's Blessed Donkey is for all family members, from grandparents to the youngest kids.  With the stunning illustrations, children can visualize and understand the wonderful story of Jesus and a floppy-ear donkey.